What is the cost of removal? What does the price depend on?

Each removal or transport is based on individual quotation.

The price depends on:

  • Distance
  • Amount of transported furnishings and equipment
  • Option selected
  • Additional formalities required, such as international removals
  • Storage, if required
  • Additional insurance, e.g. of luxury goods

Contact our consultant by phone or via our contact form: within 24 hours you will get complete information regarding transport along with a price quotation.

Do I have to organise cardboard boxes and packaging materials myself?

Relotrans provides all packaging materials: cardboard boxes, paper, stretch foils, bubble wrap, tapes, clothing boxes, plastic covers, etc.

The customers can also organise all the packaging materials themselves, if they prefer.

Are there any additional costs I may incur later?

There are no such costs. The client pays the price agreed on in the contract before removal. Our consultant states all costs before proceeding with the order.

Can I order a removal remotely? Without an earlier home visit?

Yes, it is possible. Due to the variety of places that we carry out home or office relocations to and from, we often have to provide the quotation remotely. Additional information about the place and items to be transported, as well as exact photos are then required.

However, if possible, we always recommend a visual quotation by our staff.

How to secure the most fragile items?

For very fragile and valuable items, we advise you to take advantage of the professional assistance offered by our staff, who have years of experience in packing property and know best how to secure and pack valuable items.

How long can I store my stuff in your warehouse?

We have no deadlines. Relotrans has such a large warehousing space that we can store your property for as long as you wish at an additional cost.

Do you carry out relocations to Russia?

By all means – Relotrans has extensive facilities in the east. We carry out relocations not only to European countries but also to Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania, Kazakhstan, and other.

When should I notify you before the planned date of removal?

A week is an optimal time for us to discuss all the details, arrange the dates and get an accurate quote. In the case of a relocation to countries outside the European Union, it usually takes longer. This mainly depends on the time required to obtain necessary permits, customs clearance and documents.