The relocation of warehouses and production halls carried out by Relotrans involves preparing for the transportation of a large amount of goods and equipment. For warehouse removals, we focus primarily on the type of materials stored in the warehouse. Our experience in the industry allows us to offer a wide range of services related to removals of all types, even the most unconventional.

Step by step:


  • planning a relocation schedule
  • staff training
  • organisation of materials necessary to secure the transported goods 


  • transport of goods. Depending on the type of goods transported, we provide appropriate vehicles so that the removal is carried out in a cost-efficient and at the same time reliable and safe manner for the transported property
  • disassembly and reassembly of warehouse furnishings, such as storage shelf units, performed by our trained staff with appropriate qualifications. All the procedures will be carried out in compliance with the practices and confirmed by appropriate protocols
  • additional equipment – often extra support is required during warehouse removals

Our equipment:

  • high reach trucks
  • front-loading forklift trucks (with white tyres, as often required)
  • electric trucks for horizontal transport that often speed up the loading process