We offer our clients three relocation options:

Comprehensive: We take care of everything. All the client has to do is select the date for the Relotrans staff to show up. This option includes all packaging materials, disassembly, packaging, carrying out, transportation, carrying in, reassembly. NOTE! Although the option includes comprehensive services, we still advise you to pack your most cherished and personal belongings yourself.

Standard: The clients pack their own belongings and we carry them out, transport them and carry them in. We advise on the choice and methods of packaging and disassemble the largest furniture. NOTE! We recommend that you leave packing the most valuable and fragile items to our staff. Thanks to their professional assistance they will be less likely to be damaged during transport.

Mixed: Relotrans provides packaging materials, the clients pack their belongings, we carry them out, transport them and carry them in.

*Each option includes disassembly of furniture, carrying out, transportation and carrying in!



We have a warehouse space of ​​almost 7,000m2, which makes our relocation services fully comprehensive. The client can specify the date of relocation from point A and the arrival date of the entrusted property to point B at any time.

Main warehouse: Błonie near Warsaw.


In the case of international removals to countries outside the European Union, such as Switzerland, Norway or Russia, we help with completion of additional required formalities, documentation and we carry out customs clearance.


We provide timely, reliable and secure transport. Every removal is covered by insurance.